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A world caution:

With the growth of surveillance industry and growing business potential many unethical business practices started finding its roots in this industry. It can be as simple from overpricing to providing substandard and not so sound solution to the client with the aim of maximizing profit & recurring business.

As an intelligent buyer one must be very cautious not only from commercial point of view but must emphasize more on utility of the project.

A good security & surveillance system must come to help not only as post damage measure but must avoid the damage in the first place or at least warn about any security breach.

So security solution is not just restricted to installation of cameras but its all about thinking more comphrensively and designing an Integrated solution of which CCTV is just a part, solution would vary from one client to another, from one geographic location to another . One has to design solution by working on multiple facets of security considering all this aspects.